Rev Melanie Cook                      

Sunday 12th July 2020: 6thSunday after Pentacost 

Sunday Services at St Giles are suspended until further notice due to the Corona Virus. 

St Giles’ Service Sunday 12th July 2020 : See Church News Page

Dear Friends,
I am not sure how much you have been out and about on the roads, but it feels like every intersection has people begging for food and money. More than normal I feel guilty driving past, aware again of my privilege in comparison to them; but also aware that many are struggling because of job losses or reduced income, rising prices of basic essentials and just the general economy that is depressed.

I feel overwhelmed and guilty that I should be doing more, which in itself can be incapacitating, giving up before we have started. But I strongly believe that charity begins at home, and not literally at home, but with the people I am in relationship with, because giving is good but if we are to really change people’s lives with the message of Jesus, we need to be engaged with them.So unless you are planning to jump out of your car and chat to those on the street corner, to treat them with dignity, love and respect; all they receive from you is money for one more day and still an empty hole in their souls.

It is when we are fully engaged with others that we can change lives.