Rev Melanie Cook                      

Sunday 18th October 2020: 20th Sunday after Pentecost 

St Giles opened the building for worship services on the first Sunday in October 2020.  If you would like to attend  in person on a Sunday, please inform Louise in the church office by Friday morning, so that we can prepare for you: 011 483 1108. We will follow strict COVID-19 protocols. We will continue to offer an audio recording of the service.

St Giles’ Service Sunday 18th October 2020 : See Church News Page

Dear Friends,

Today marks the 9th lesson in the series “bread for the journey”. Firstly, I feel like it has made time fly, I can’t believe that it’s been that long; secondly I was apprehensive to put out at the beginning how many weeks we were going to spend on the topic, as I had a number of thoughts but wasn’t sure they would all work, and yet I feel I could carry on for a few more weeks; and thirdly I have enjoyed searching and examining the word of the Lord with regards to the different aspects of Christian life, I hope that you have not only enjoyed this theme, but that you have felt blessed and stretched.

Next week I will be taking a break after 6 months of non-stop preaching and prepping and Chantal Riley will fill the gap. The week after next, we will move from the ‘Ordinary time’ season or Pentecost to All Saints, then a couple of weeks in the in between, then we begin Advent. Yes Advent!

As we wrap up this time and season, I felt that it was necessary to spend this week talking about dying; death is something all of us will face whether that’s the death of a loved one, or dying ourselves. The Bible and Christianity has a lot to say about dying and death, you are welcome today…